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It has been awhile since I have reviewed a link share site and I thought I would go ahead and review this once since it is being used by many. When I joined this site my first impression  was "how unique looking" it is. Since so many sites are trying their hardest to look and act like This site does not, and it offers several ways to earn from it. You can share links, images, and even display their ads on your very own site. Sounds great, doesn't it? However, I am afraid I have some bad news. The site is not doing as well as I thought. Come to find out this site has a lot of complaints and I will not be recommending it. will be placed on the Not Recommended List for the following reasons:

1. Complaints & Negative Feedback: At first I thought the complaints were from cheaters and those who did not follow the rules. But if you look into the company and their history, they have a very bad record. You will find complaints about the company and this site. Site does pay, but it appears to be selective. Either members were never paid, or they were paid once and never again. Here are a few of those complaints:


Company Complaints: (Majon International)


Complaints also on their FaceBook and they seem to be more worried about promoting

their other site rather than dealing with those who are calling it a "scam" .

Some complaints were deleted and are not found. You can check google cache and see the older complaints:





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